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Morning News

It looks like the next round of the SCCA ProRally Championship is still set to run this upcoming weekend (in Maine). Given how fatal this year has been for rallying in the SCCA, I was worrying that they might suspend the ProRally rounds as well as the Club Rally stuff. Looks like not. Subaru will also be there, though they will be down a car, for obvious reasons. For more info, click here.

Mainly for llamabitchyo: Thoughts from Mitsubishi for the weekend. Based on this, it sounds like Mitsubishi is working from the thought that they only have one seat open for next year. Guess they probably won't be taking up that "buy one, get one free" McRae offer?

Do they not pave roads in Finland?? Marcus says here that he thinks he's one of the best Finnish drivers on tarmac -- but he's never actually won a tarmac round. Considering the way Finnish drivers tend to rock on unsealed surfaces, it really makes me wonder about the presence (or lack) of asphalt in Finland...

Speaking of Finland, one week from today, the recce for Finland starts. *head spins* This every-other-week thing does not work so well for me.

Oh, and the best part about this past rally? Finally figuring out what the problem was that caused the site to generate fifteen-bizzilion errors. Aparently the site gets really grumpy if the browser reads strange Scandanavian/Germanic characters as Japanese characters. Who'da thunk it?

(That is not to say that it wasn't a really cool event. Just that figuring out how to make the browser stop generating a minimum of three errors every time I click on something was even cooler.)

I managed to figure out the above issue while browsing around looking at driver stats. I didn't know that Tommi's first WRC win was also his first WRC round. I'm impressed. I almost wish I could have seen Tommi when he was at the top of his form -- though I would probably have had to root against him for the same reasons I root against Marcus. Ah well. Sebastien would have done the same thing with Monte Carlo 2002, if he hadn't gotten that penalty slapped on.

And to conclude the mutterings with something that no one but me and roomie care about, I finally got around to buying 2002 Reloaded and a subscription to Rally XS. Just what I need, more car magazine subscriptions. *eyes scary pile of magazines that I haven't finished reading*

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