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Watching the coverage on Oregon Trail. Was very amused when the commentators made a remark along the lines of "It's good to hear the hard-core fans yelling and cheering when these guys come by." I am amused. Part of the cheering was about which side of the road the dust went toward.

The helicopter we saw at the beginning of the second stage was from the Air Force Reserve. They got some nice overhead shots on the cars.

*snicker* surlykitty would be amused by the segment talking about ditch hooking.

Good line: "She was voicing her disdain for being utterly on fire."

Grrr... The program before this ran late, so this one started late. The one rally out of the whole SCCA season that I want to save to tape, and it's split it two. Thank goodness for TiVo, since at least it let me catch the tail end even though it was outside the original time slot.
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