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Random Deutschland Mutterings

Today's weather report for Trier calls for showers all three days. The prediction has been pretty consistently calling for wet at least sometime over the weekend, so some wet asphalt seems inevitable. I wonder if Mr. Donuts like to have water with his breakfast of tarmac...?

Mitsubishi's going to be at Germany? That'll be novel. Though *sweatdrop* more red cars? Not so good. (Even if it is the right red car. And what's with the report saying that they'll start development on the Evo 8-based rally car in September?? Isn't that a little late, esp. since they were supposed to take this year off for research and development?

Marcus has never won on tarmac at a WRC event? Really?? *looks at past years standings* Well, not in the past two years at least. Huh.

Mainly for llamabitchyo Hmmm, I don't like the look of this.

*looks at the long article talking about all the beer in Germany* Note to self: Deutschland is not one of the rounds I would like to spectate. Braving drunk German tourists in their native habitat sounds too terrifying!

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