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Nagata Where?

Another classic Tokyopoop moment:

I was in Fry's last night, and noticed a copy of one of the recent volumes of the Tokyopoop Initial D lying around open. Remembering that I had seen that one of the recent volumes is supposed to have a "course map" and unable to resist the curiosity, I picked up the Spawn of Evil, and flipped around to find the advertised map.

As a map, it's okay. The mountains are all in roughly the correct spots, though it only shows the Gunma mountains. Around the edge of Gunma it lists the surrounding prefectures: Tochigi, Saitama, Nagano, Nagata...


It took me a minute to remember that the prefecture to the north and west of Gunma is Niigata, which must have been what they meant.

Gah. I guess they're not content with just changing fictional characters' names, now they are going to start changing the names of actual places in Japan too. Why not go all the way? Why not re-name the country to "Fred"? It's much shorter and easier to pronounce, and would be more accessible to their target audience. Sheesh.

I would write it off as just being a typo, except that Niigata is always written with two "i"'s. Which means that they would have had to drop an "i", and change the other one to an "a". And anyway, what ever happened to proofreading? Or is that just something that professionals never do?

(As a side note, Shigeno himself would never make this mistake. He's from Niigata, see...)

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