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Disquieting Dreams

I woke up at about 4:30 this morning after having strange/bad dreams.

For some reason an acquaintance of mine (who I see usually one once a year -- if that) looked at my car and decided that one of the belts needed fixing. In the process of fixing it, he broke both the original belt, and the timing belt. He tried to fix that, but messed the whole thing up even more, so that he basically killed the engine.

All this was told to me after the fact. I asked where the car was, and was told by another friend that it was in a parking lot. I went around the parking lot to look for the car. While wandering around, I pondered if I wanted to swap the engine for something different, since I had to replace the whole thing anyway. I decided to contact a friend of a friend in the autocross, who imports stuff from Japan to see if he could get me an Integra Type R engine.

I wandered the parking lot four times, and could not find my car. In a slight panic, I went to ask my friend where the car was. This was the point where I woke up.

I didn't really manage to get back to sleep after that, I just kind of dozed for an hour or so. Methinks this is going to be Yet Another Long Day. *sigh*
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