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I am so out of it

They finally animated Naruto? How did I miss this?

*glares at Puff* Why didn't you tell me about this??

*magazine glares back* Perhaps if you hadn't let your subscription lapse, or perhaps if, once you renewed your subscription, you actually could be bothered to sit down and read me, then you might have been better informed.

*decides to ignore the uppity magazine* What does it know, anyway? It didn't tell me that they were animating Naruto. Studio Pierro's doing it, no less. Which places it firmly in no-cel land, but then most shows these days are there anyway.

Methinks the Naruto section at K-Books is about to get even more scary. Though I'm not sure such a thing is possible...

Must find out where to download. Must get DSL to play nice with the rest of the house so I do not hog the one 'Net-enabled computer with downloading.

Ken: While I'm thinking about it, talk to me at the end of this month/beginning of November. (Unless you'd care to meet up at Yaoicon? ... No, I didn't think you would. :)

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