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I got e-mail that we are having a dinner tonight for the very nice, high-ranking Grand Master who has been visiting for the seminar for last weekend. *whine, whine* I wanted to go home and do some laundry and relax tonight, *whine*.

It's not just the seminar that has been tiring me out (though that has been quite a chunk.) Fanime was only two weeks ago, and that was fun but tiring. I skipped out on the last autocross because I was feeling ill (mainly due to over-exhaustion). I'm going out of town this weekend. And then there is the weekend after that, where I'm trying to figure out how to get down to an autocross that's located about two hours away. I'm in the first run group, so I need to be there by about 7 AM. *wince*

Not to seem ungrateful -- I really have been enjoying everything that I've been busy with recently. But it's to the point where I get the same feeling of excitement about having an entire evening at home with nowhere I have to go as I get on a Friday. I guess I'm just starting to feel a little like the end of a vacation. It's been fun being busy, but it will be nice to get home and have everything go back to normal.

Oh well. Going to dinner tonight will give me a chance to hand off my IniD DVDs to my sempai. He asked to see more (without me prompting, even!), so I want to make sure to have him good and thoroughly addicted before our dojo trip to Japan in November. Heh, heh, heh... Besides, I want to make sure to have him good and buttered up so he'll let me drive his FC once he gets the engine overhauled. ;) (It's got a cracked seal -- who'da thought? :)

I think the general feeling of burn-out is why I can't concentrate for very long at work. Which is why I'm posting a whine on my LJ, rather than trying to put a dent in the mountain of work that has been piling up recently.

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