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Orbital Mind Control Satellites

At long last, we are once again televisionally-enabled. The cable guy came this morning to fix the cable. Which doesn't really matter, since the satellite folks came at noon to install the new satellite system. Ah, glorious 100+ channels of...


Really, I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, really, how much reasonable entertainment can there be out there at any one time? Nonetheless, I feel much better for having it. Soon I may no longer be mocked by my friends for missing out on all the latest cool developments on the new season of shows.

Ah, and while I'm thinking of it, I wanted to say rude things about AT&T Broadband. The entire reason that we now have satellite TV is because of AT&T's stunningly bad service. Two weeks and one day ago, the cable went out. It took them two weeks and 5 phone calls before they could be bothered to get someone out here. They claimed that someone would get sent out immediately, only to cancel the appointment with no warning and no explanation. So, since they obviously had no interest in my business, I decided it was time to take it elsewhere.

Besides, I now have more channels than I did before. Some of them I'm even hoping will have something interesting on.
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