Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Brain Eaten By Game

Too tired to get detailed. So briefly:

Akina in this version is correct. The PSX version of Akina was rather, uh, interpretive. This one, much better.

Irohazaka is nearly picture-perfect, except for one point: The stuff at the start line is different from reality, and the straightaway at the beginning is too long. Other than that, it's picture-perfect, right down to the "don't feed the monkeys" signs. The signs listing which curve each corner is are there, so I now have a map that lists out precisely which kana goes with which corner, and the location of a couple of geographical features that I had been looking for (like the Naka no Chaya.)

It was a little disconcerting to suddenly be racing Takumi in the Legend of the Fastest on the Street section. And having your opponent muttering things during the race is really distracting. (Though I did get a sadistic pleasure out of listening to Itsuki whine and moan after I shot past him right after the start of the race, and stayed that way for the next three laps.)

Other than that, I haven't gotten to play a lot. (I got distracted by maps and geographical features, *sheepish look*) More after this weekend is over.

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